Join us!

We're always looking for more people to join our team!

Curriculum Developer

We're looking for curriculum developers to consistently help us create exercise content for our users!

  • Create project/quiz exercise content on a consistent basis
  • Work with other curriculum developers to ideate new concepts
  • Assist in creating content for our blog

Software Engineer

We need software engineers to help us build the main engine of w3Hacks and troubleshoot issues when they arise!

  • Help with front-end UI design
  • Build and troubleshoot server-side engine errors from users
  • Assist curriculum developers when building out new exercises

Content Writer

To keep our blog up-to-date and consistent, we're looking for content writers to help write for our blog!

  • Write weekly blog posts
  • Work with fellow content writers to ideate new blog post ideas
  • Help edit and revise fellow content writers' blog posts before publishing

For more inquires, email [email protected]