Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few questions that we get pretty frequently!

What is w3Hacks?

w3Hacks is an online platform where anyone can learn industry-level software engineering skills through project-based learning and learning by doing! We have tons of exercises, events, and content to make sure that you learn best!

Why should I use w3Hacks?

w3Hacks is made for those who don't learn best from a book, but for those who learn best by getting their hands dirty in the task and learning by doing. We make all of our exercises independent to how you want to complete it and have it personally grade it by our staff.

What is project-based learning?

Project-based learning is learning certain concepts, tools, and technologies by using them in practice. We enforce good project-based learning by giving you project tasks that you can complete on your own time, and troubleshoot on your own!

How can I get involved with w3Hacks?

You can sign up for free, you can join our Discord community, and you can check out some of the upcoming events that we host!

Have additional questions?

You can contact us for any other quesitons!